Plastic Infrared Crystal Dryer


Drying and Crystallization of PET chips

Infrared crystal dryer can be used for PET, PLA, TPU, TPE HIPS, PE, ABS, EVA ,PC, PEEK, PPS, PTFE, PEEK e.g.

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Drying and crystallization of PET chips/scraps/pellets for Sheet extrusion

If you use Twin-screw or Multi screw extruder with vacuum degassing system, why still need to use Infrared crystal dryer to work together?

Continuous material feeding into Sheet extruder

Increased output: up to 50% higher

Increased bulk density of material: normally 20-50% depends on material type

Reducing the complexity of vacuum system

Increased stability of the operation of extruding line and product quality

Lower requirement for raw material used

Low down the operation cost up to 20% compared to the systems without IRD (Infrared crystal dryer)

Our processing

Normally the PET Bottle flakes or sheet scrap with initial moisture level of up to 10000-13000ppm. The PET Bottle flakes or sheet scrap (Virgin or mixed) will be recrystallized in a continuous IRD in 10-15mins, the drying temperature will be 150-180℃ and dried to 1000ppm,then fed to Double screw extruding system for further processing

Limiting the hydrolytic degradation of the viscosity

Prevent increasing AA levels for materials with food contact

Increasing the capacity of the production line up to 50%

Improvement and make the product quality stable-- Equal and repeatable input moisture content of the material

Processing explanation

Continuously processing (Production without interruption with PET Sheet production line)

1. Filling

By vacuum dosing feeder to convey the raw material continuously to the rotating drum.

2. Drying and Crystallization

Thermal treatment and mixing. There are the spirals welded into the rotary drum to ensure the well mixture of material and continuous transfer to the outlet. And the material will also be dried continuously.

3. Discharging

The dried and crystallized material will be discharged after minutes drying by drum rotary. Finally the dried and crystallized material will be conveyed to the next processing.

Infrared crystal dryer continuous processing

Advantage of IRD processing

1 Rotary drum design To dry the material evenly
The spiral coils design of the drum ensure the good mixture of the raw material to avoid material clumping
2 Retention time Depends on the speed of Rotary drum
The speed can be adjustable by the property of drying material
3 PLC Controlling system The material retention time,drum rotating speed
The Infrared lamps performance, drying temperature
The feeding speed of Vacuum feeder
4 Reproducibility Recipes and process parameters can be stored in the controlling system to ensure opimal and reproducible results
5 In one step Drying and crystallization in one step
6 High efficiency Minutes drying and crystallization instead of hours(Compared to conventional dehumidifier and crystallizer)
7 Fast cleaning Allow for easy and fast cleaning
Rapid product change-over

Machine photos

Infrared crystal dryer continuous processing

Application examples

Drying and crystallizing of PET to 50PPM

Drying and crystallizing of PLA

Drying of TPU

Drying and heating of PE pellets to remove volatiles

Crystallization of masterbatch in small batches

Drying and crystallizing of PET for pelletizing or sheet extrusion

Drying and crystallizing of PLA for pelletizing or sheet extrusion

Drying and crystallizing of PPS Pellets, amorphous Co-Polyester

Drying, crystallizing and heating of bulk materials

PET Masterbatch Crystallization

PP Masterbatch dryer

Co-PET Crystallization

PBT Crystallization

PEEK Crystallization

PPS Crystallization

Drying of plastic granules, and PET, PBT, ABS/PC, HDPE, LCP, PC, PP, PVB, WPC, TPE, TPU etc. (free-flowing bulk materials)

Removal of rest oligomeren and volatile components