Plastic Infrared Crystal Dryer


PLA Dry and Crystallization

Infrared crystal dryer can be used for PET, PLA, TPU, TPE HIPS, PE, ABS, EVA ,PC, PEEK, PPS, PTFE, PEEK e.g.

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PLA Dry and Crystallization by Infrared crystal dryer

Infrared crystal dryer continuous processing

PLA is kind of very sensitive temperature material. PLA is a hygroscopic thermoplastic that easily absorbs water from the atmosphere.

Even small amounts of moisture will hydrolyze PLA in the melt phase, reducing molecular weight and causing loss of properties. This can cause sheet brittleness, internal holes, sagging of the web at the die exit, or other process and quality problems. With PLA, proper drying is not optional. It is absolutely essential. Resin manufacturers recommend that PLA be dried less than 250 ppm before processing. In fact, moisture levels below 200 ppm may be needed in order to ensure a reasonable safety margin and, in some cases, moisture levels below 50 ppm are recommended.

Using Infrared Crystal Dryer

Crystallization and drying in one process step

Drying and crystallization time:20mins

Final moisture can be 200ppm or 50ppm (by customers’ requirement)

Drying temperature and drying time can be adjustable by material requirement

Save about 40% energy consumption compared to conventional dehumidifier

Excellent rotating properties will prevent PLA clumping during the processing

Easy clean

Capacities can be 100kg/h to 2500kg/h

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PLA Dry and Crystallization

Application examples

Drying and crystallizing of PLA to 50PPM

Drying and crystallizing of PLA

Drying of PLA

PLA Dryer

PLA Crystallizer

Crystallization of masterbatch in small batches

Drying and crystallizing of PET for pelletizing or sheet extrusion

Drying and crystallizing of PLA for pelletizing or sheet extrusion

Drying and crystallizing of PPS Pellets, amorphous Co-Polyester

Drying, crystallizing and heating of bulk materials

PET Dehumidifier and crystallizer