Q & A of Infrared crystal dryer for Plastic

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    Q: IRD Dryers are used only for PET?

    A: Infrared Dryer OUDE Design can be used for a variety of plastic pellets/Scraps like APET, GPET, CPET, PLA, HIPS, PE, ABS, EVA PC, PEEK, PPS, PTFE, TPU, TPE e.g.

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    Q: What's the working principle of Infrared crystal dryer (IRD) ?

    A: The rotating drum transports the plastic material through the length of the drum using an internal helix. During the transporting, the Infrared lamp will heat the plastic material inside-out to crystallize and dry the plastic material.

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    Q: What's the final moisture?

    A: 50-70ppm. And the moisture content can be controlled t higher levels if required.

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    Q: Is the IRD continuous or batch working?

    A: We have IRD on Continuous working model and Batch working model.

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    Q: What's the model/ capacity you have?

    A: 60-80kg/h 200kg/h 300kg/h 500kg/h and 1000kg/h

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    Q: What's the drying time?

    A: Normally 20mins. The drying time can be adjustable by different material specifi.

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    Q: What's the drying temperature?

    A: The drying temperature can be adjustable by drying plastic type.

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    Q: What's the energy cost?

    A: It will save 45% energy comparing with conventional dehumidifier and crystallizer.

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    Q: How to test the final moisture of the material dried by your IRD?

    A: We have Sartorius moisture test instrument (imported from German) for test.

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    Q: Infrared rays destroy the IV properties of PET Flake / Pellets?

    A: No. In fact, short exposure to heat in the IRD actually preserves IV properties.

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    Q: Initial cost of IRD System is much higher than conventional dryer systems?

    A: No. The initial cost of IRD system and conventional systems are very Comparable.

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