Pre-sale: According to customer's requirement, OUDE will supply:

1) To assist the customer to make the project planning and system analysis, make the detailed quotation (Combined with the reality).

2) Provide professional technical advisory service.

3) Provide convenient for visiting our factory.

4) Supply the professional and technical person to communicate the technical details.

5) Supply the drawing, detailed technical parameter.

6) Actively cooperate with buyer to choose suitable equipment.

On-sale: After signing the sales contract

1) The engineer will carry out the construction drawing design.

2) For the machine related to the contract which the buyer purchase from other factory, we will provide the technical specifications and information to meet the requirements of the machine interface / connected.

3) During the producing, we will be fully cooperate with the drawing review, production inspection and acceptance.

4) Inform the buyer to inspect the machine line.

5) Timely report to the buyer and supervisor of quality detects during the producing.

6) Our factory will be charged for the payment for changing defective equipment and expressing the spare parts.

After sales:

1) Arrange the experienced engineer to install and test the machine line in buyer's factory.

2) Supply systematic operation training for buyer's worker.

3) Supply the spare parts at cost price and life maintenance for the machine after the expiration of the warranty period.