Technical Disscussion

How Infrared Crystal Dryer Dry?

The infrared crystal dryer is the latest drying technology developed at present, and the infrared crystal dryer only needs 8-20 minutes, crystallization and drying are completed at one time, saving time, electricity, good drying effect, convenient maintenance and low cost, which is the highest efficiency at present , The best choice for low energy consumption drying method.

Infrared (IR) Dryer for the corn

For safe storage, the moisture content (MC) in the normally harvested corn is higher than the required level of 12% to 14% wet basis (w.b.). In order to reduce the MC to a safe storage level, it is necessary to dry the corn. There are several ways to dry corn. Natural air drying in the tank occurs in a dry area from 1 to 2 feet thick that slowly moves up through the bin.

PET Injection Molding processing condition

Drying and Crystallizing before Injection molding processing. It must be dried before molding. PET is very sensitive to hydrolysis. The conventional air heating-dryer are 120-165 C (248-329 F) for 4 hours. The moisture content should be less than 0.02%.

The Energy-saving Packaging Solution—Drying, Crystallizing PLA

Virgin PLA resin, is crystallized and dried to 400-ppm moisture level prior to leaving the production plant. PLA picks up ambient moisture very rapidly, it can absorb around 2000 ppm moisture at open room condition and most of the problems experienced on PLA arise from inadequate drying. PLA is required to be properly dried before processing.